Ladbrokes Roulette Review

Ladbrokes is one of those gaming companies that needs no introduction. Its been around so long in the UK, it needs no introduction. Recently, they switched their software to Playtech and now offer more roulette games than they used to.

When they were with Microgaming, the roulette choice was more limited and the stakes started at 25p. With Playtech, you can play for just 10p a spin. That’s even less than the 20p you can play for in the betting shops.

There are a few different table limits but there is definitely one table at Ladbrokes where you can play roulette for 10p. The live tables have limits from £1 so no good for the low roller.

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Playing online is better than playing in the shops. For a start, you get a welcome bonus which you don’t get in the shops. Secondly and more importantly, its easier to self bar from Ladbrokes online than it is to do from Ladbrokes on the high street. Theoretically, they are the same but its so much harder to track in real life that, even if you do self bar, you’ll be able to go in to another ladbrokes. If you self bar online, thats it, you won’t be able to play any more.

The other thing is the deposit limits you can put on your account. You can say, maximum deposit in a week is £100. You hear stories of people blowing all their wages in the Ladbrokes shops but online, you can manage your money a whole lot better.

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