Dublin Bet Roulette Review

Dublin Bet is a pioneer in online live roulette. They were the first to offer a live casino from a real life casino. They chose the Fitzwilliam casino in Dublin, hence the name Dublin Bet.

Most online casinos that accept UK players use pounds sterling or US Dollars. Dublin bet forces you to play in Euros and cents. If you are in the UK you are probably best off playing in the sister casino, the View. However, if you are from a euroland country and want to play in Euros, this is ideal.

They offer a free play option and a low stakes live roulette table. Just 10 cents and spin. This is as low as you are going to get with live roulette. On the outside bets, its actually 50p but thats still low for a roulette table with a real croupier.

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The main advantage of Dublin Bet is that its from a proper land casino. This means there is zero chance of cheating or rigging the table. If you thought they were, you could go in to the casino itself and bet against the people online. The casino is in the centre of Dublin so easily accessible from anyone in the UK or Ireland.

The other advantage is that all the games are html 5 so can play on a variety of devices. In the past, flash or java was need to play but not anymore. Dublin Bet looks great on a mobile. You couldn’t even tell that the screen shot below is from a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. It’ll look the same on tablets, iphones and ipads.

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They offer a variety of sign up bonuses, the main one being 100% up to €100 but also offer more bonuses based on depositing by Skrill (Moneybookers) or Neteller. See the site for full details. They also offer a reload bonus of 10-15% every time you deposit. You can [sc:Dublin-txt ]sign up here

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