Electronic Roulette

Electronic, sometimes called random number generator (RNG) roulette is roulette where the outcome of the game is decided by a computer using a random number. This is popular in the bookmakers and most online casinos. Its only recently that live roulette has become popular.

Some people have suspicions about electronic roulette. As you can’t see the ball landing then there’s always that suspicion that the casino is rigging the game. This would be very hard to prove as variations in the short term are bound to occur. A casino that was cheating would just say its bad luck. There have been cases of this happening but with reputable casinos in reputable jurisdictions this won’t happen. Its only at the off shore casino which aren’t regulated anywhere that this could happen.

If you stick to your casinos regulated in Europe then you will be fine. The regulators there require strict independent testing on their games. Most of these casinos will use a big third party supplier too so its unlikely they’d be able to cheat the punter even if they wanted to. A back door for one, would mean a back door for all. For example, a popular provider. Playtech powers, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, Bet365 and others. If they were to rig the game, it’d have to be rigged for all.

Electronic Roulette has many advantages over live roulette.

  • Faster game play
  • Play at your own pace
  • Auto play options available at some tables
  • Can save your favourite bets.
  • Works well on slow connections