Roulette Bonuses

Many casinos will offer you a sign up bonus. There is some debate online about whether you should accept these for roulette.

To explain why, its best taking a step back and seeing why casinos offer bonuses. The first thing to know which is fairly obvious, is that casinos are not charities and do not give players bonuses out of the goodness of their own heart. They do it to get players to sign up and play, with the hope that enough will lose to make money.

There are different casino games each with a different ‘house edge’, which is the theoretical win that the house will make on a bet. For example, on European roulette, its 2.7%. For blackjack with favourable rules, this as low as 0.5%, for slots its about 5%. The percentages are small but make a huge difference. Winning at slots is almost impossible but with good luck, you can make money playing roulette in the short term.

For this reason, many casinos will only count roulette differently to slots, blackjack and other casino games. All casino bonuses come with some type of wagering requirement. For example, 20 times stake and bonus before you can withdraw. So, if you deposited £20, you would typically get £20 bonus. This means you’d need to wager £800 before you could withdraw your money.

However, with roulette, the casino might say roulette only counts 20% towards the wagering requirement. This £800 wagering requirement suddenly becomes £4000. It takes 5 times longer than normal to clear the bonus requirements. By then, the house edge would have caught up with you and you are unlikely to be up. This is why if you are roulette player, you might be better off declining bonuses. Blackjack can even be worse with some casinos saying zero whereas others say 5% making the turn over requirements on a £20 bonus a staggering £16,000.

The best bonuses are actually the risk free ones IMO. For example, [sc:wh-vegas-txt]William Hill Vegas are offering £20 risk free. Deposit £20 and play. If you lose, they refund you the £20, else you can withdraw. The £20 risk free refund is not subject to any wagering requirement so you can just withdraw that. Compared to a 100% match bonus where you have to bet £4000 before you see the bonus, you can see why its better value.


The bonus values on the front page are all for general casino. Make sure you check the terms and conditions before accepting the bonus.